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Rock - Phoenix, AZ

A rock band with a sharp lyrical bite and haunting ensemble of strings and percussion that will leave your spine tingling.

Writing Off Tomorrow is Casey Ringler and Megan Edison. After founding the band together in late 2010, in a little town nobody’s heard of in southern Pennsylvania, the songwriting duo finished their first EP Last Moments and began touring the tri-state area with bassist, Bill Wiltrout, and drummer, Joe Canfield filling out their live lineup. A few years later, they released a second seven-track EP, Flirting With Death and extended their tour route down the east coast – opening for national acts such as Hawthorne Heights, Butcher Babies, and Flaw. In 2017, they began releasing singles, “Hell Behind Those Eyes” and “At The Bottom”. A year later, life took Edison and Ringler out west, to Phoenix, AZ, where they now reside, have released two new singles - "Little Miss Forgettable" and "The End" - and are working on their next EP in the Valley of the Sun. 




Join us in our music room for performances streamed online! We accept requests, so feel free to share 'em

The next performance will be: TBA

To join the live chat, please visit go.twitch.tv/themusicr00m



Label / Roll Your Own Records, ryorecords@gmail.com
Booking / writingofftomorrow@gmail.com
Location / Phoenix, Arizona